Print 3d was created as a hobby printing team. We were printing for our friends and family members only. Gradually we were receiving printing requests from other people as well. At this point we decided to make it more professional. Our printers grouped up in the same place and from few pieces per week we started printing large quantities each day.

However the lack of support, accessories and consumables from the local market was the biggest problem of our effort. The next step was the start of collaborations with big companies so we can cover our needs and offer other 3D printer owners quality parts, consumables and support that were not available in Cyprus.

Some of the companies we are working with include:

  • Bondtech SE
  • Filament PM
  • Colorfabb
  • Wanhao
  • Creality

In addition to the 3D printing service, spare parts and consumables our team can offer:

  • 3D modelling
  • 3D designing
  • 3D scanning
  • CNC carving
  • Consulting and advising on 3D printing upgrades

For us it doesn’t matter if you want one piece or thousand pieces. We deal all size of customers and orders the same way